Achieve more by doing less.
HundredPoints provides automatic time sheets, intelligent standup reports, and aids backlog management.
A process framework for both developers and executives.
HundredPoints relieves the stress of maintaining an Agile methodology by introducing processes backed by automation. Your developers should be able to focus on their code without spending time on all the paperwork. Likewise, executives shouldn't have to chase up simple status updates.
Be the company you wish you were.
HundredPoints embeds a data-driven culture without decreasing productivity. A data-driven company relies on ongoing reporting, which overwhelms employees with administrative tasks and risks low quality data. HundredPoints overcomes these challenges by automating processes and reports.
Improve your existing teams
For existing agile teams, HundredPoints immediately improves their reporting and reduces their day-to-day operations. It provides executives better visibility without interrupting the development cycle.

Newer developers will benefit from having structured process, reducing onboarding and training time. cycle.
We integrate with your existing tools.
Everyone already has their favorite tools and we don't want you to stop from using them. HundredPoints has a suite of integrations for existing
Transparent management
HundredPoints brings an unbiased, clearly documented process framework for your entire company.

All processes are ethically and minded for privacy. If a report contains tracked activities (eg time sheets), HundredPoints does not make this information available to the greater organization until the employee submits it.
Pricing that scales with your company
Pay monthly
Pay yearly
For individuals getting started
2 weeks history
Basic integrations
Community support
For freelancers
A$7 /month
Unlimited history
Premium integrations
Api access
Email support
For businesses
A$10 /month per user
All the features of Premium
Manage multiple users as a team
Custom privacy and access controls
Prioritized email support
For your growing needs
A$20 /month per user
All the features of Business
Manage multiple teams
Onboarding support
Prioritized email & phone support
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